Imaging Features
• 24MP camera with zoom and autofocus
• A camera that performs both detail imaging and full-body imaging from 2 cm to 205 cm adjustable FOV (field of view) feature
• Easily zoom in, zoom out and take pictures using the body-mounted foot pedal.
• The image displayed by the camera can be viewed on the computer at the same time
• Being able to monitor the process live by connecting to the system remotely
• Ability to record audio and video during the process
• Ability to focus the image on the screen by the user
• Auto focus and defocus feature on the image on the screen with one click
• The feature of making detailed analysis by zooming in an area to be selected on the image on the screen.
• Ability to perform Zoom operation with a motorized system using a computer program
• Making the shooting settings such as ISO, White Balance on the camera with a computer program
• Transferring the recorded image and video files to the management software used by the institution
• Ability to save the captured image files automatically incrementally with a name that the operator enters into the program
• Selection of image format saved as JPEG, raw data (raw) or both
• Automatic recording / backup to multiple locations (internal hard disk, backup disk,institution’s server and Cloud) at the same time, according to the user’s preference, /eliminating the risk of image loss
• Turkish and English language support in the special software supplied with the system
• Zooming in, zooming out, enlarging, reducing operations can be done on the object examined in the computer program
• Ability to view the previously taken pictures in the software Automatically display the newly taken pictures
at the topAbility to write text in the desired font, color and size on the recorded picture
• The feature of making square, rectangular, circle markings on the image, enabling the actual size measurement on the image and saving this measurement value in a separate file with the image attached
• Computer program that allows manual calibration of actual size measurement
• Possibility to make 1080p HD quality video telepathology with the camera system with optional software

Hardware Features
• All-in-one touch screen computer
• Washable keyboard and mouse used with the computer
• Keyboard and mouse on a fixed platform
• Barcode reader
• Body-mounted barcode holder apparatus
• Camera carrier arm mechanism with 3 axis movement and fixed at the adjusted point
• Two handles that can be moved to the desired direction on the camera
Other Features
• The energy need was met with a single cable over the 220VAC network.
• The mobile system can operate without an electrical connection
• In case of power failure, monitoring can be performed for at least 6 hours with the UPS integrated into the mobile system
• Turkish and English user manual is provided with the device
• The system has CE certificate