Ergonomic autopsy table with laser-marked cm dimensions, designed for general autopsy work. It is provided with elliptical holes on four sides that allow fluid and air flow. It is have 45 degrees inclined inward on all four sides for correct air flow.
• Whole body is made of 1,5 mm 316 stainless steel material
• Removable 1,5mm 316 stainless steel trays for cleaning
• In the head part, parts washing bench with pool and sink
• 1,5 mm 316 stainless steel table with 2 holes in the parts washing bench pool
• 1 white Polypropylene tray in the pool of parts washing machine
• 2 wash removable spiral water batteries in the parts washing pool
• One ½ hp power garbage shredder
• Parts washing bench with 3 drawers on the right or left side
• Provides airflow down from 4 corners
• The ventilation system is 140 cm high on the table
• LED lighting system mounted on the autopsy table
• 2 UV lamps covering the autopsy table
• Possibility of mounting a fixed or mobile camera system on the autopsy table
• Autopsy table: WxDxH 230-260 cm x 75-80 cm x 90 cm
• Autopsy table ventilation: WxDxH 210 x 75-80 cm x 20+70cm
• Parts washing bench: WxDxH 260 cm x 60cm x 90cm