Hazardous material storage cabins are produced from various materials according to usage purpose, and they yield to a healthy, comfortable and tidy working environment by ensur- ing the safety within the laboratory. Besides their practical and area-saving structures, they made the working environment more useful by very versatile and
functional options. Main benefits may be listed as:
• Minimization of gases that dissipate into the working environment
• Locking a possible leak into the cabin
• Ensuring personal safety against chemical liquids and gases within the working environment
• Storing the chemical materials in the laboratory area
• Cabin body is made from 1 mm thickness oven painted galvanized sheet metal
• Long life for pathology laboratory and durable to general laboratory conditions
• Containers that collect chemicals and prevent leaks
• Dimensions (W x L x H): 90 cm x 60 cm x 200 cm
• Ability of production with different dimensions
• Air sink grids within cabin
• Mobile or fixed rail system
• Lockable doors
• Ex-Proof fan with 250-400 m³/hour flow rate